Why I hate using local mail….

Jun 05

The experience that I’ve had yesterday caused me to come to this conclusion. I’m very sorry that I have to pose a rant but this serves for the both UPS and Directie der posterijen Aruba to get their act together as this is obviously not working out.

It never ceases to amaze me that we have multiple flights leaving Aruba to the US on a daily basis and it however takes a package 3 weeks or more to get to the my client. This is something that I certainly will have to investigate. I think if this mail leaves here in a canoe it would get there before three weeks, so there is a hold up, glitch, bottleneck, (Call it what you may) in the system somewhere.

I’ve sent a package a little over three weeks ago to the post office and to my surprise I’ve received an email from my client last week stating that she still hadn’t gotten my package.

When I taught “WOW, this is not good” and hoped for it to arrive to her soon, my kids went to get the mail yesterday and brought it in to me. Lo and behold what I’ve received in the mail…..

…..part of the packaging used to send the CD to my client with an apology letter.

It’s all nice and well to have an apology but who will have to cover the expense to resend this? Moi, of course!

I’ve resorted to offer another option which would definitely be costlier but I think you would get better service and I’m certain that it would take only a matter of days, three to the most to get your package to you.

End of rant.


Bryan Morris

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