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Jun 06

Success comes in cans, failure comes in can’ts. – Unknown

If you put all your energy in knowing that you can achieve your goals/desires, there won’t be anything/anyone to stand before you and say that you can’t.

A great example of this is the new democratic presidential candidate, Sen Barack Obama. Amidst all the hurdles and negative remarks all around him including the voice in his head. He has one goal and he never once allowed anything or anyone to deter him. He got as far as making history and he’s even more determined.

This is the drive we all should have in life. Distractions will always be around (Remember the thought I’ve had in January on Life is not fair). They come in the form of negative people, negative circumstances, negative thoughts forming in your mind but you must just be steadfast, unmovable and have your eyes set on the prize and know that you CAN.

Get up out of the slump and revive that passion that you once had. Own your passion, it’s not by chance that you have it. You were designed to fulfill this, so go for it, because you can do it.


Bryan Morris

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