Unwrap Jesus….

Dec 25

I was ushered into 2008 with the thinking, in order to have different results this year I have to do things different.

This year Christmas I admonish you to celebrate it different, let’s unwrap Jesus this year. We’ve been unwrapping gifts as early as we can remember on Christmas. This Christmas put the gifts aside and let’s first unwrap the gift of Christmas which is Jesus. Expose Jesus to yourself this year.

This gift is unappreciated by many but they still seek it in times of peril, some cherish it to a certain extent but display it, very few unwrap this gift and enjoy it to its full potential.

Carefully unwrap Him this Christmas and enjoy all that this gift brings. This gift brings with it, healing, love, companionship, success, shelter, deliverance, protection, guidance, security, provision, life and so much more that you might be seeking this Christmas.

This gift was sent to us close to 2000 years ago and for years we have this gift but we don’t unwrap it. You must unwrap this gift to enjoy it you can’t keep it in the wrapper and have it fulfill its purpose.

How are you going to unwrap this gift this Christmas?

When you get a gift you’re usually eager to open it and see what’s in it, which makes you vulnerable to the gift, you’re then totally open to the gift so as you open the gift it would be revealed (open) to you as well.

This Christmas make yourself vulnerable to the gift of Christmas, Jesus. Open up yourself to him. Tell him all your cares, frustrations, hurt, pain, goals, accomplishments. He says “He’s a friend that sticketh closer than a brother……….” Imagine that. He’s willing to be closer to you than your brother, your mother, father, husband, children even your pet. All you have to do is make yourself totally vulnerable to the gift of Chistmas and unwrap Him………….
Make this your best Christmas yet!

Merry Christmas,

Bryan Morris & Family.

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