Jun 28

Due to my unfortunate inconsistencies I have not been coming up with this section on a weekly basis. In my effort to correct this issue I have a concern and a shot to share.

As you can see from a few weeks ago, we’ve purchased a dog, a dog that needs lots of exercise. We’ve chosen to almost on a daily basis walk the dog and that usually happens on the Eagle Beach.

A few days ago my wife and sons walked ahead as my daughter and I ventured into picking up cigarette stubs on the beach. It was not even ten minutes and it was not a thorough attempt, if it was we would’ve still been there around the clock picking up stubs.

These were picked up between MVCI (Not Marriott Vacation Club) and Oceania on the Eagle Beach.

Now, I don’t point fingers at visitors or locals but I do address the smokers. Please don’t smoke on the beaches or if you do so figure out a way to have a windproof ashtray. You know what, don’t complicate your life nor mine nor my children’s children.

If this continue and we don’t do anything, could you imagine what would happen?

See what was collected in under 10 minutes.

Cigarettes on Beach


Bryan Morris

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