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Mar 18

Happy New Year 2010!

May this one be filled with more than your expectations. Yeah, Yeah, I’m kind of late but that’s technically late. It has been a rough journey but it was worth every minute of it. What don’t kill you should make you stronger, stronger am I and more determined than ever.

I’ve been debating what direction I should take this business if any at all and I’ve decided that I will rise above all setbacks and turn them into setups. I’ve been wrestling with the thought of quitting for some time but the love of the art, demand of clients and the big gaping hole in the market, I’ve decided to go at it full force.

This year I will be venturing into flash photography (I’m generally an available light shooter), fashion photography (seeking models), in and out of studio and I’ll get a little into textures as well. For some this might be foreign but I promise the evolution will be enjoyed by all.

This is a product shot I’ve done in studio of a scale.

I do have quite a few portrait sessions, tips, plans to post within the coming few days. I’ve had a few “celebrity weddings” and one celebrity portrait session that I’ve shot that I would love to display but due to the privacy of these people I cannot display them. I must say though that they were all “off the hook” events and the people (read celebrities) were nice and kind.


Bryan Morris

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