Best Friends Forever a.k.a BFF

Jul 12

This group has been together since playschool. They are now being separated after being best friends for the greater part of their lives. They’re already expressing how difficult the separation would be. Destiny has just made it that way that they have to part but I’m convinced that the alienation will only enforce the bond that currently exist. They’ve decided to shoot a few pics together before the separation and it was my turn to document this moment. It was really an honor for me to be able to capture such a strong friendship.

We’ve searched out an awesome location for portraits and found this abandoned school. One man’s garbage is another’s treasure. This location is so cool for photography I would say don’t tear down all abandoned buildings as they serve a calming purpose.

Aruba is a photographer’s heaven for locations. We don’t suffer an insufficiency in color. Therefore having a studio tends to get boring. Don’t get me wrong a studio has it’s time and place but outdoors on Aruba has so much to offer. It’s just awe-inspiring!

Here you have the 3 friends; Christina, Francine and Talitha.

Striking a pose.

I love this shot of Christina and Talitha. They’ve even had their own props. Awesome!

As they are three friends I tag this one as “I’ve got your back”


Bryan Morris

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