Jul 31

The explosion of digital photography, online sharing, home printing, and social media over the last decade makes it easier than ever to capture those everyday (and special) moments. We are thrilled that the art of photography has become more accessible to the hobbyist. Often times our clients have top of the line gear, similar to ours, and are well versed in how to use it.  But even with all of the tools and resources so widely available, and the ability to capture the every day, nothing beats the work of an accomplished professional photographer to document your family, in its entirety.  Yes, we know you’ll be in some of the images at your cousin’s wedding… and  of course there are all your own family milestones… but the return on the investment of capturing who you are, today, is enormous.  There is so much to gain from a custom, professional photography session, one that is created specifically for you, solely for that purpose.

Yeah, I know… but really, why… why do I need to hire a professional to do that?

Some portion of the answer is intangible (and emotional).  Never have we heard from client “I wish I didn’t professionally photograph my family.” Rather, many times we have heard “I didn’t realize how important it was until after I saw the images.“ And occasionally we’ve even heard “I didn’t want to do it until I saw a friend’s images, then I realized I wanted the same for my family!

The remainder of the answer is related to quality and end result:

•    Having a professional document what they see creates a story that is extremely different than one created by handing over your camera to your uncle or an aspiring photographer friend

•    Being able to relax and unwind, and pose yourself naturally, with a bit of professional guidance is far superior to striking your one go-to pose with your “camera ready smile” and hoping it works

•    Having an entire series of images, rather than just one good one, allows you to create wall galleries, or even albums, that pause and capture an exact point in time with your family

•    Having an entire series of technically correct images, rather than ones that are too bright or too dark, unfocused or incorrectly lit, will enable you to proudly share and display the end result without needing to rely on those infamous disclaimers (“I know it’s not in focus, but I love it anyway!”)

That said, high quality professional photography can be expensive – and that is because custom art commands value. Unless you have a bit of disposable income, you need to consider it as an investment the same way you would consider any other purchase for your home. You certainly don’t want to have to do it over (and pay twice!), or get less than what you expected. You should select your photographer based on their style, area of expertise, quality, reputation, brand, and your expectations for an end result.

Here are some points that we think are worth extra consideration as you plan your session:

•    Experience: It is great to get a bargain with someone who is just building their portfolio. However for guaranteed results, you should be able to view an entire portfolio of images that demonstrate a consistency in style and output so that you can be confident in the end result you will receive. If you have doubts, ask to view a few complete sessions.

•    Style: Consider whether you are looking for a classic portrait, timeless black and whites, ethereal storybook art or a photojournalistic “day in the life.” Spend time reviewing multiple photographer’s online portfolios to really understand their style and find one that resonates with you. Make sure you select a style because the end result is what YOU desire, not just what’s trendy on Facebook this week! Will that style stand the test of time and in 10 years, and will it still make sense for you?

•    Product portfolio: Think about what you want to DO with your images. It’s best to have a goal, whether it be a specific family image for over your formal fireplace, canvases for a playroom wall, a classic framed display for a stairway wall or lovely coffee table keepsake albums. Once you select a photographer based on experience and style, make sure you review what products they offer, and have a conversation about your end goals to ensure they can deliver quality products that will meet your expectations. At the end of the experience, the art you purchase will be the final product and you need to love it.

•    Stance on “Getting the Disk”: Do not assume that getting it “all” from a digital package is the best route to go.  Deciding that you need everything in a digital format is a hasty decision to make if you haven’t even shot your session. Once you view your gallery, you may instantly decide which images you must have on your walls, and which in an album, and those that you want as digital files. Don’t rule out a photographer based on their willingness (or price point) to sell a session in a digital format… trust that they have experience in pulling together collections for clients that will meet their needs. You will want to enjoy your images everyday in your home…not left on a disk in a drawer.

•    Overall Relationship & Style of Communication: You have to be able to connect with your photographer. If you enjoy a hands-on style, that is casual, in touch and friendly, you are going to need to find one that also works in that style. If the “feel good” aspect isn’t as important, but the end result is, that’s another consideration. There are many wonderful clients and many wonderful photographers, but like picking the perfect spouse, nanny or even best friend, not everyone is a fit, but there is someone for everyone. If you have doubts, pick up the phone and chat about how you connect best, and talk about your overall style and goals.

Typical client feedback from those who have invested in quality custom photography: “A professional photographer has the patience and experience to capture amazing portraits. As a hobbyist shooter and their mom, my kids know most of my tricks, so getting them to cooperate is a challenge. Custom photography allows me leave the work and worry up to someone else, who I trust to capture images that will grace our walls for a lifetime.”

“I wanted two things… a healthy baby and newborn photos. What I got was a moment in time captured in the most beautiful photographs. Every time I look at them, I am reminded of those first few weeks with my son, when everything was new (and a little scary), and he smiled for the camera, before he even knew he could.  I never could have captured that on my own.”

“I have multiple single images of my family that I treasure. They are beautiful and meaningful to me, for so many reasons. They are on Facebook, and printed in 5X7 frames next to my bed.  But once a year I select a professional to photograph my family and from those sessions, I have full albums of images, each one technical perfection combined with artistry, and those are the ones that are displayed on my walls, are given as gifts to family members, and are showcased in beautiful albums.”

So do your research, find a pro who you click (no pun intended) with, and work together to create something that you and future generations will treasure forever.

As posted by www.designaglow.com on their blog. I couldn’t have said it better myself.


Jul 21

Do you remember Fayth & Steven? Here’s their slideshow. I’ve had so many awesome shots from this wedding that I just couldn’t put them all in a blog post. I’ve found this song sometime back and I love it so much that I just had to put it in a slideshow, so here it is. Enjoy.


Bryan Morris

Jul 07

It is so complex to the human mind at times how destiny is decided.

Steven met Fayth (both Americans) in Bonn, Germany in 2002. Steven was then attending Texas A&M University and Fayth Lehigh University at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. A strong friendship was born. They remained in contact for the next several years visiting each other in Texas and Pennsylvania. It wasn’t until a visit down to Texas in 2005 Fayth and Steven started dating, a few years later Steven decided that he wanted to kick up the relationship a notch so he decided no more long distance dating and moved to Pennsylvania to be of support to Fayth while she attended Dental school.

Steven proposed in August 2008 while touring vineyards in the Brandywine Area of Pennsylvania.

These guys are awesome, our first in person meeting left me knowing that this one was going to rock. I’ve approached the wedding with such a confidence that I was going to blow it out of the park, not by my efforts really, but by the flexibility and open personality of the Bride and Groom.

After a couple of shots I gave them a peak at what I was getting and Steven goes, “Man, you’re good!”. Steven, believe me it’s not totally me but the vibe that you two transcend just makes it happen. Thanks for having me and may God bless your marriage.

When things get tough (notice I said “when” ,because they will. It’s inevitable) go back to your sign in book and read what I wrote there for you.

This wedding was at the Bucuti Beach Resort with the illustrious Nashette Wouters as the wedding planner. Words fail to express the awesomeness of this lady. She really makes you feel at ease even though you’re planning a wedding from thousands of miles away. It’s always a pleasure for me to work with her.

Groom getting ready

Groom Getting Ready

Bride and Bridesmaid making the last minute touches. 

Bride Getting Ready In Mirror

Bridesmaid attaching the veil to bride, for Aruba this is more like securing the veil, it is windy but the veil is cool especially for pictures. 

Bride Putting On Veil

Admiring herself in the mirror before heading out. 

Bride Making Last Minute CHecks In Mirror

Detail shot of the Calla Lilly bouquet and the fans that were given out to the guests. 

Calla Lillie Bouquet and Fan

Mirror mirror on the wall………. 

Bridals Before The Ceremony

Steven getting his first glimpse of Fayth, look at the smile on his face.

Grooms First View Of Bride

Groom’s mother attaching his boutonierre, a special moment. 

Mother Pinning Boutonniere On Groom

Mom giving groom a kiss before heading to the ceremony.


The urban dictionary has a different definition to this word but I have a total different definition and it will be added to the dictionary in the next print. The word I’m referring to is “Sexceptional”, exceptionally sexy! 

Portrait At The Bucuti Beach Resort

This is what you get if you don’t be shy and really enjoy each other on your wedding day. There’s very little left for me to be introduced to and if you’re so daring I’ll go for it, no problem, I’ll just chalk it up as a new experience. 

Tropical Destination Wedding Portrait

Schweet, golden hour sun! Using flash here would just ruin this shot. Did I really need any flash? I don’t think so. Available light is the way to go.

Romance On The Beach In Aruba

Upon shooting Fayth for a while in the room, I was stunned by her teeth but never said anything. Afew days after the wedding we met and she said that she was a dentist, then all fell in place. She really has beautiful teeth. 

Bridal On Beach In Aruba

 A shot of the setup of the ceremony area, Nashette and her crew did a great job!

Wedding Setup Bucuti Beach Resort Aruba

 The bridesmaid heading to the arch.

Bridesmaid Walking Down The Sand Aisle

 Here comes the bride……

Bride Walking Down Sand Aisle On The Beach In Aruba

 The bride focused on her prize……

Bride Getting To Altar

This guy have seen his then bride to be before the ceremony but he’s still amazed at how she looks, look at his expression.

Groom Looking At Bride At The Arch

The Vows! 

Exchange Of Vows

 The Ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony At The Bucuti Beach Resort Aruba

The Kiss!


Look at this guy, euphoric. It’s like he’s saying “Yes, I’ve scored a touchdown” 

The Recessional On The Beach At Bucuti Beach Resort Aruba

 A detail shot of the rings.

Wedding Bands

A classic portait on the beach.


Newly weds on the Eagle Beach! 

Taking A Stroll On The Eagle Beach

I call this “Ecstatic” 


Just schweet!

The Dip

Steven told Fayth that he’ll take her to the end of the world. 

Piggy Backing On The Eagle Beach Aruba

Romance in the tropics! 

Tropically Romantic!

Bride and Groom and the wedding party. 

Bridal Party

……….take my breath away!

Romantic Portrait On Aruba

The reception area with your toes in the sand. Can you ask for anything better. 

The Wedding Reception On The Beach At The Bucuti Beach Resort Aruba

The bride and groom opening the buffet line. 

Bride And Groom Opening Buffet Line

A caribbean first dance! 

The First Dance

The cake.

The Cake

Cake cutting! 

Cake Cutting Ceremony At The Bucuti Beach Resort Aruba

You feed me and I’ll feed you. 

Romantic Cake Feeding

Groom and Groomsman lighting up a Cohiba. This was a funny moment, a little secret between the two and me who documented it. 

Cigar Smoking.


Bryan Morris

Jun 30

Yes, they are. I’ve seen it for myself with my own eyes, I didn’t hear about it from anyone, no it’s not gossip it’s a done deal.

Eric and Ikna met online and decided to go on their first date to Carnivale a Latin American Fusion restaurant. Eric being the nice easygoing guy that he is waited for Ikna at the restaurant even though Ikna was late. She showed up one hour later with a valid excuse, she was lost. It was then that Eric decided that she will never be lost again because she’ll always be by his side.

They both enjoy going to the movies, dining and opera presentations.

My observation of these two are that they are a very fun loving couple, the thing I like most about Eric is that he’s a gentleman around Ikna or should I say around anyone for that matter. Being a gentleman works so much to his benefit. I’m sure this is what swept Ikna off her feet. This guy opens every door for Ikna including the car door, he so loves to serve Ikna and make sure that she’s OK.

To the world today that is not the “Macho” thing to do but Eric knows where it has gotten him, “brother never stop serving your wife”. It will be reciprocated and you’ll have a happy marriage many will wish they’ve had. Don’t look at what you do for her and measure it against what she does for you. All you have to do is your part and the rest will follow. If you seek to always be of service to her it leaves you no time to see if she’s being of service to you or not and she’ll have no other choice then but to be the same and you’ll live happily ever after.

Guys, know that you have a friend here in Aruba always and I’m looking forward to many family portraits of you guys in the future.

This wedding was on the Renaissance Island, there were a little less than 100 family and close friends. It was a great ceremony and  an awesome evening. Two cultures intermingling together and being bonded by love. Ikna’s descendants are from Colombia, so we’ve had a large amount of Latinos or should I say Rumberos and Eric’s descendants are from Lithuania, while it was yet part of the Soviet Union so one big party.

The guest were so in a party mode that all they really wanted was for the DJ to play music and the bar to remain open. They didn’t want to stop dancing for dinner. Dj Tino from Cyclone Promotion kept the guests on their feet the entire night.

Rafael “Juni” Jones from Aruba Renaissance was the wedding planner and he did a superb job with the decoration and setup of the island. The food was…..that’s a whole other post. I’ll just hint, yummy!


Here you have a detail shot of the dress!

Wedding Dress

The bridesmaids assisting Ikna with her dress.

Putting on wedding dress

Everything beautiful takes time. 

Wedding Dress Preparation

A shot of the back of the dress! 

Details at the back of the wedding dress

Best man assisting groom. 

Groomsman assisting groom with tie.

Groom and his groomsmen striking a pose! 

Groom and Groomsmen

Men on a mission. Mission: Get Married!

Men in Black

Awaiting transportation to the island! 


Ikna hanging out with her bridesmaids in the room. 

Ikna striking a pose in her wedding dress

All the ladies! 

Brides Maids hanging out in room with the bride before the ceremony

Ikna’s dad just awaiting the big moment.

Ikna's Father

 Another portrait of Ikna in the room.

Portrait Of The Bride

Ikna and her dad walking down the sand aisle at the Renaissance Island, Aruba. 

Father and Brid Walking Down Aisle

Ikna’s being given away by her dad to her groom. 

Father Giving Bride Away

Ikna’s dad giving her a hug before he gives her away. I just love the flare in this one. 

Father Kissing Bride Before Giving Her Away

A detail shot of the bouquet. 


Ikna giving Eric’s mom a kiss during the rose ceremony. 

Rose Ceremony

I’ve called this one “Together”  


I’ve just had to make use of the sun to get a shot with some flare. Here is Eric reading out his vows to Ikna………. 

Groom Reading Vows

………Which eventually caused her to get teary eyed. 

Bride Shedding A Tear During Vows

A detail shot of the bridal bouquets. 

Bridesmaids Bouquet

Eric getting ready to place that ring on Ikna’s hand. 

Groom During The Rings Ceremony

Ikna’s just enjoying the moment. 

Bride Laughing

The ring ceremony… 


The Kiss! 

The Kiss

Man and wife walking back down the aisle. 



I’ll have to break this up in two posts, I have too many great shots and I’ve gotten only through preparation and ceremony so I’ll continue in part II with after ceremony and reception. Stay tuned!


Bryan Morris

Jun 18

For your viewing pleasure!

Enjoy it!


Bryan Morris

Jun 08

What do you get when you have a stunning bride, a hunk of a groom at a spectacular location? Fabulousity!

This is exactly what I’ve experienced on Friday at Bucuti Beach Resort where I’ve had the honor to document the wedding of Daniela & Anthony Vazquez. The celebration went off without a hitch, thanks to the wedding planner at the Bucuti, Nashette Wouters.

Daniela & Anthony a.k.a. T.J. lived very close to each other, T.J. actually lived right up the road from Daniela. They were mutually attracted to each other bu the timing was just not right, they’ve had all the patience in the world, they’ve decided if it’s meant to be it will be. Over the course of time they’ve got to know each other pretty well to the point that they’ve decided to kick up the friendship to a greater level and knew from the beginning of the relationship as lovers they’ve had something special going on. It felt so right and so natural confirmed Daniela.

They’ve started dating in 2007 and came on their first trip together as a couple  to Aruba in April 2008, they’ve gotten engaged in August 2008 and knew that they wanted a destination wedding at a safe, romantic getaway that gives the feeling of being home all tangled in one. Upon discussing plans Aruba came simultaneously to their minds for their destination wedding, since it’s very safe, a romantic getaway  and the warmth of the people make you feel at home.

Daniela and T.J. I would like to thank you for choosing me to be part of such an important milestone in your life, it’s really appreciated. I’ll also add that things will not always be honkey dorey but giving up is easiest thing you can do, be a fighter when these trying times present and don’t give up.

The things that so make us feel like twisting our heads like the little girl in the “Exorcist” today will be laughed at a few years down the road.

T.J. and Daniela making it down the sand aisle to get married.

Walking down the sand aisle at the Bucuti Beach Resort Aruba

 Daniela and T.J. listening attentively to the officiant during the ceremony.

Beach Ceremony Bucuti Beach Resort Aruba

T.J. was put on the spot to say his vows to Daniela, here you have him spilling his heart. 

Exchange of vows on Eagle Beach Aruba

Sexceptional, exceptionally sexy! This is the first kiss, I just love this shot. I’ve played up the flare with the shadows. 

First Kiss as Husband and Wife at Bucuti Beach Resort Aruba

They ooze love, they cuddle any chance they get. This was when the minister was announcing them to the crowd. I loved the weather conditions, it was awesome for flare.

Cuddling on the beach at Bucuti Beach Resort

These are the guests rejoicing along with Daniela & T.J.

Beach wedding at Bucuti Beach Resort Aruba

Here they are walking back down the sand aisle! 

Walking down the sand aisle as Mr & Mrs Vazquez

The first toast! 

The Toast on the Beach at Bucuti Beach Resort Aruba

 At our meeting prior to the wedding T.J. requested some timeless portraits, here you go sir!

Timeless Portrait

What’s a wedding in the Caribbean without a coconut tree on the beach? It just exudes Caribbean. 

Portrait at Eagle Beach Aruba

 Did I say they cuddle every chance they get?

Romantic Cuddling On The Beach Aruba

Daniela’s dad moved everyone aside to get this shot of him and his new son in law. 

Two Real Men On The Beach

This is the new Mr&Mrs Vazquez frolicking on the Eagle Beach in Aruba as a boat pass by.

Romance On The Beach In Aruba

A detail shot of the rings! 

Wedding Bands In Aruba

Vogue on the beach of Bucuti Beach Resort in Aruba.

Aruba Is For Lovers

A detail shot of the back of Daniela’s dress. 

Wedding Gown On Beach In Aruba

The first dance under the moon and stars on the beach at the Bucuti Beach Resort in Aruba 

First Dance In Aruba

A close up of the first dance. What a happy couple!

First Dance At Bucuti Beach Resort Aruba


Bryan Morris

Nov 27

Upon contacting Nora, I vividly recall, she was all business. She halted me at the very beginning of my sales spiel and said (Paraphrasing) “Cut to the chase just give me a quote for x amount of hours, my mind is made up, you’re my photographer!” I’ve closed the phone and said “That’s my kind of bride” Upon learning she had her own wedding website (www.eddyandnora.com) I was even more convinced.

After Eddy’s remigration to New Jersey he decided that he was ready to settle down and find the future Mrs Tufford. HE tried Match.com on the suggestion of a friend. It was destined to be as it was around the same time that Nora was also looking out for Mr Right. Upon there first face to face meeting they both agreed that they had something special but Nora learned that her Dad had cancer 2 months after. She was very close to her dad and this has thrown her life into a roller coaster. Nora suggested to Eddy that he can continue with his life.

Eddy said “No, we’ll get through this together and it would be OK”

Eddy kept his promise and accompanied Nora and her mom all hours at the hospital. Eddy’s caring personality didn’t onlt strike a note with Nora but with her father as well. When the father got out of surgery Eddy was the first person he asked for.

As soon as Nora’s dad was getting better, Nora’s niece was born which became a great part of their lives together especially that Charlotte chose Eddy over her aunt Nora.

A few months later Nora’s dad’s cancer returned fearing the worst Eddy requested permission to marry Nora in September and he passed away on Nove 6th, 2007. Eddy have grown very close to Nora’s dad and on that day it was a lost for both Nora and Eddy, but just as Eddy has promised at the very beginning of the relationship, they got through it together and they’re OK.

He proposed on December 21st of the same year. He setted the mood with candles, roses and various reminders of happy memories.

Fast forward to the wedding day which in actuality was a two day event. This was one great group of people. Both families very much in the moment and missing Nora’s dad.

Here you have Eddy and Nora walking into Town Hall, Oranjestad, Aruba.


Eddy being the ever caring person that he is and wiping the tears of joy from Nora’s face. 

 The first kiss after the civil ceremony.

 A couple portraits in the garden of the Town Hall in Aruba.





This is Nora, Nora Nesevich now Tufford!

The wedding guests heading to a sunset dinner trip the day before the wedding. 

This is so funny! There were 4 uninvited guests at this celebration and this is the first one. He followed the boat for the entire sunset cruise. 

Larimar Spa at the Radisson did an awesome job. Nora spent the entire morning papmering herself at the spa. They make up artist does a great job. 

The bestman, Giacomo preparing his speech. 

I love this shot of the preparation. 

Eddy and his mom walking down the sand isle. 

Nora and her mom walking down the isle to meet her man. 

 Eddy’s mom sharing words of wisdom during the ceremony.

word’s of wisdom from Nora’s mom.

The kiss! The purpose of this shot like this is to portray motion. This kiss came with a dip. 

A portrait after the ceremony. 

#2 uninvited guest.

The new Mr & Mrs Tufford entering the reception. 

The dance…… 

Mother and daughter dance…. 

Mother and son dance. 

The best man’s speech. 

The maid of honor’s speech.

A hug after the speech. 

A detail shot……

This was the third uninvited guest.

Druuuum roll please…….Wedding Crasher!  Uninvited guest #4!

This is Eddy and his school friends tradition! 

I just love this shot and I know Nora will love this too. This I’ll be entering into a photo contest. I’ve called it “Wish you were here” 


If you want to see more I have a slideshow that will draw you completely into this festivity.

Click here for slideshow……….


Bryan Morris

Oct 25

One unforeseen but destined evening in a little bar in Dayton, Ohio, Matt laid his eyes on Crissy.
It was something similar to a short circuit went through his entire being, a variety of emotions hit him simultaneously.
Excitement coupled by fear overwhelmed him for some time.

He had to regain composure, muster up the courage to go over to her and introduce himself. Much to his surprise the introduction was accepted.

From there on, the entire evening was spent in conversation, inconsiderate of the fact that they both were at the bar with a group of friends……….

They obviously saw something in each other………

They’ve spent that entire summer together but at the end of the summer Crissy had to go back to college. She was a bit pessimistic about the summer romance however Matt kept the romance alive. They’ve since spent much more time together than they could have ever imagined.

After college they’ve moved in together and Matt proposed a year later.

Upon asking Crissy “Why Aruba?” her response was “Just wanting a small wedding, we decided to do a destination wedding and invite whomever wanted to come with us. After debating many different locations a close friend of mine suggested Aruba, where she honeymooned. She said it was one of the most beautful islands she had ever seen, and boy was she right. We picked Aruba because of her suggestion and because it was under the hurricane belt since we were getting married in October.

We chose the Riu, again from suggestions of friends, and booked the wedding. I can’t stress to you how easy the Riu made the preparations of my wedding! Carolina, our wedding coordinator took care of everything and was so wonderful to work with. The only thing I had to do was find a photographer….and luckily I found the best one out there…just by looking on the internet.

Matt’s parents, his sister and her boyfriend, and my parents all decided to join us in Aruba. Having them there made the trip even more amazing. It meant so much to have them there with us sharing the best day of our lives.

We got to Aruba on a Wednesday and were married on the following Monday, October 13th. (13 is my lucky number). I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful wedding or to have worked with anyone else on the island! Our wedding was a dream come true.

In November we are having a reception with all of our friends. I can’t wait to show them all the pictures of our fantastic trip.

Now I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. The man that still makes my skin tingle when he walks into the room. We get to start a family, play tennis together, laugh, and share memories for the rest of our lives. I feel like the most lucky girl out there to have found him.

In Matt’s words, “I agree that the wedding couldn’t have gone any better, Crissy was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. The setting and location couldn’t have been any better, and now I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend, too.”

Crissy and Matt, I wish you long life, health and happiness together. Thanks for allowing me to be part of such an important milestone in your lives.

If these images below are not enough click HERE fo’ mo’.

Crissy making her final check in the mirror before heading out to the beach.

Anxiously awaiting for the OK from the wedding planner to make her appearance.

Being a bit playful before heading out to the beach.

Taking in some last minute advice and fun from mom.

I always learn a thing or two at every wedding. I must give it to him. This dude’s romantic.

A quick shot haning out with the ladies in the room before heading to the beach.

Matt waiting for his bride at the beach.

As the ladies hang out and make their final preparations in the room, the guys just hang out on the beach.

Crissy being escorted out to the beach by the wonderful Carolina. (Wedding planner at the Riu)

Crissy walking down the isle going to meet her man.

This was Matt’s reaction after he caught a glimpse of Crissy walking down the isle.

A detail shot of the bouquet.

Tribute to Jessica Claire…..A flare shot of the ceremony.

Is she in love or what? Just soaking up Matt’s every move as he places the ring on her finger.

Crissy making that eye contact as she places the ring on Matt’s finger, showing the commitment she’s making.

The first kiss.

The applause after the signing of all the paperwork on the beach.

The toast…….!!!!

A silhouette shot. This was actually a mechanical failure but I love how it came out. I think it’s a keeper. Can anyone detect the mechanical?

Nothings better than a piggy back at sunset with your one true love.

This is completely candid. They are just enjoying the rings.

Mr Suave, gauging himself for the kill. You know that a kiss will follow this, right?

He seriously can be a stunt double for…….Who do you think? Let me know.

This is simply schweet…….I’ll turn this into a 30″x40″ canvas in a hurry.

Dancing to the tunes of “This Is Your song” in their heads.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m bad but I just had to get some tongue action in there.

Detail shot of the cake and the rings.

Yummy, sexy shot!


Bryan Morris

Sep 29

Can you find true love through a dating service?  “Yes!” say Kristi Kimberley and Bill Gedfrey who met in March of 2007.  The couple met for dinner after being matched by the dating service It’s Just Lunch.  Bill planned the couples’ first vacation to Aruba in June of 2007.  “We could not believe how beautifull the island was…the water, the beaches, the people.  We did not think twice when we decided to get married to have it take place in Aruba.”  
 Event planner, Kaleigh Wesson of Fort Worth, Texas, made all the wedding arrangements for the sunset ceremony held on the beach at the Radisson Aruba Resort and Casino on September 13, 2008.  Bryan Morris photographed the couple all over the beautiful grounds of the Radisson Aruba Resort and Kaleigh custom made all the florals.  After the wedding, Bill and Kristi had a candle light dinner on the beach under a full moon.  “Our wedding was amazing…I could not have dreamed it any more perfect” says Kristi and Bill in unison.
The couple have four children; Megan 19, Katelin 17, Preston 14, and Grayson 8.  On October 25th, with family and friends to help celebrate, Bill and Kristi will host a dinner reception at their home in Colleyville, Texas.























Bryan Morris

Jul 12

Serendipity Videography is based in Arizona. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jeff from Serendipity Videography last year at a wedding. The first 15 minutes  talking to Jeff I’ve noted that Jeff was a videographer of high quality and after checking his bio it really confirmed my thoughts.

Many photographers abhor working with Videographers. Some must be really obnoxious as the saying goes “where there is smoke there is fire”  nevertheless, there are quite a few repugnant photographers as well that keep walking into the videographer’s shot. I can’t say much about videographers but all the videographers I’ve worked with were very polite, Thank God!

The best option is for a photographer and videographer is to get along as they’ll be working together the entire day. Layout the ground rules from the beginning and you shouldn’t have any problems.

A couple months ago the final edit of the wedding we did together was delivered and I must say that the edit was phenomenal.

I’ve recently received the gratifying news that they’ve won the Arizona Bride Best of Brides 2008.

Anytime you decide to look for a videographer swing over to their site and check them out.  The good thing about them is they don’t confine themselves to Arizona, they do destination videography as well. So if you’re looking for  award winning wedding videography, you’re in the right hands.


Bryan Morris