Mar 27

I was contacted to shoot Senior Portraits of Shannon while she visits the island of Aruba with her family for the first time. In an effort to spread my wings and transform this family into Aruba lovers and have them visit our island year after year, I’ve decided to take on this challenge to shoot Shannon’s Senior Portraits in Aruba eventhough I’m Aruba’s Premier  Wedding Photographer. The results I personally believe were exceptional as Shannon is a natural model. She never modeled before but after the shoot I did tell her that she should take up modeling as it’s a natural talent that she has, all she needs to do is develop it and who knows we will see her on the international catwalk within a few years.

The shoot was done for the most part with off camera lighting ala Strobist and I did not have my regular assistant but I must say that Mark, Shannon’s dad did a great job assisting me as my lighting guy. He was my voice activated lightstand and lighting operator. Mark, once again, thank you and you’ve done a great job. We shot at various locations of Aruba. Eagle Beach, Arashi Beach and Downtown Oranjestad in Aruba were a few of the locations that were used for this Senior Portrait Photoshoot.

Look at that smile and her crystal blue eyes, a natural model indeed.

Shannon is practicing walking the catwalk on the beaches of Aruba.

Enjoying Aruba’s nature.

Here you have Shannon strutting her stuff. Showing that she’s ready for the great world of modeling.

Here is a different look of Shannon. This is her with some attitude. She did not liked this one when she saw it in the the camera’s screen. She finds that she looks upset but that is just a different look and I say it’s more attitude than upset.

Loved the hat as a prop in this shoot, it really brought some flavor to the shoot.

Look at that smile and look at the eyes. She was surely enjoying herself in downtown Oranjestad as a model.

Why are you staring, are you not going to join me?

Just lounging downtown Oranjestad.

Aruba’s Sunset + a great model = Awesomeness

Some of you might remember this location that I used in this shoot for a trash the dress session with Shayenne.

Taking a sunset stroll on Aruba’s Eagle Beach.

Pondering in the window in Aruba.


Bryan Morris

Jul 26

I’ve had an appointment with this family to document a piece of their vacation in Paradise that is Aruba.  I’ve met with them at their hotel and we’ ve transitioned to  Eagle Beach  to capture these breathtaking images.

How can one pass up a family portait shoot in paradise, Aruba has some of the best backdrops in the whole world. See it for yourself. Anytime you’re coming to the island feel free to contact me to schedule a family portrait session with us here at Bryan Morris Photography (


Bryan Morris

Yuriana and Hugo

Dec 11

For romance, this shoot took 1st place in 2009. Hugo is the epitome of romance. Hugo knew he was coming to Aruba with his then girlfriend and decided to get engaged during his trip to Aruba. He went unto the “Official Tourism Website of Aruba” and inquired about a photographer to cover this very special moment in their lives. I was blessed to be selected from the list of suggestions. We’ve worked out the details and agreed to meet at his hotel.

Upon arrival I met him and his beautiful girlfriend, she was a bit shy and was kinda wondering why the photographer as she was under the impression that they were heading to dinner, I was a total surprise to her.  She probably did not know that I’ve heard her every chance she got to whisper to him and ask him why or what is going on. How did you find this guy etc… but I did hear all the questions. Hugo was nice to tell her don’t worry baby it’s all under control. They both love having their pictures taken and it shows in their images. They were discussing a photoshoot at home for 2 months already but they’ve never gotten around to doing it and I guess Hugo was of no help either since he was stalling the process untill he gets to Aruba. My friend here had a plan.

 Hugo and Yuri is from our neighbouring South American country Venezuela. Yuri is from Maracaibo and Hugo is from Valencia, and are now both living in Pto Fijo for work. After starting to date they’ve realised that the first time they met was in 2004 but it was not dictated by destiny then for them to be attracted to each other. It was until February 2007 that the cupid struck. After going out for 6 months and getting to know each other they’ve decided to start to date each other. Hugo says “It has been more than 2 wonderful years that she accepted me to be her boyfriend.  From that moment up till our engagement we’ve grown together personally as well as professionally.” They’re both chemists in the refinary in Pto. Fijo.

The wedding is scheduled for 2010 in Maracaibo where Yuriana is from as it’s a custom to marry at the brides state.

Here they are taking a stroll on the beach.

 Romantic Walk On The Eagle Beach In Aruba

 Mr Luva Luva……

Aruba Is Love

 Look at that golden light on their skin……I just love this place!

Aruba Is Paradise

No doubt that Yuri is also madly in love and it really shows here. 

Beauty And The Beach

 I told you she’s in love….

Eagle Beach Aruba

This is it when you’re in love in paradise. 

Love Is On Eagle Beach Aruba

 Hugo is here unveiling the ring.

Romantic Public Proposal At Eagle Beach Aruba

On bended knees asking Yuri to marry him. 

Romantic Wedding Proposal On The Eagle Beach Aruba

And her response was yes as he’s placing the ring on her finger! 


 This is what you call caliente…….

Aruba Is Hot

Yuri pondering and showing off the ring at the same time. 

Wedding Proposal At Aruba Phoenix Resort On Eagle Beach

I’m generally an available light shooter, meaning I don’t use flash but my quest for 2009 was to get into off camera flash and this was my humble contribution after trying and testing this for the last few weeks.  Seeing that Hugo and Yuri had to go to Passions for dinner we could not pass up the opportunity to get a few shots at the famous Fofoti Tree on the Eagle Beach. 

One Light Strobist at Divi Divi Tree Aruba


Fofoti Tree Eagle Beach Aruba


Proposal Portraits In Aruba (Eagle Beach)

The proposal ended with a dinner at Passions Restaurant at the Amsterdam Manor, a very romantic restaurant on the Eagle Beach where you sit with your toes in the sand.

Passions Restaurant Aruba

Yuri and Hugo it was a real pleasure to be be present and even more so to be able to document such a sacred milestone in your life, I was truly touched by this and will carry the memories for a long time.


Bryan Morris

Lauren & Brian

Nov 04

Brian and Lauren initially met through mutual friends shortly after graduating from college. Although their paths crossed a few times over the years it was after a chance encounter in New York City during the summer of 2008 that the cupid struck his arrow and  they knew they would never be apart again.

While Lauren was planning for a simple vacation to Aruba, Brian was surreptitiously arranging a proposal. Lauren was surprised by the proposal on a moonlit beach on Aruba, as Brian asked her if she would marry him she did not procrastinate and responded with a resounding “YES”. Planning is currently underway for a 2010 wedding.

 Ofcourse, a proposal on a great island as Aruba couldn’t have gone without beautiful images, so I was contacted by Lauren to go out with them and take a couple shots of her and Brian. You know that is right down my alley so I consented and we went out.

Lauren and Brian are a great couple, they were up for basically anything. Brian was a bit skeptical at first but that is they guy thing to do. I’ve given my best shot to make him feel comfortable and as we went along he loosened right up. He even teased me about the car seat in my wife’s car. Brian you can look at it both ways, I can feel like Super Girl or probably I’m one of her biggest fans and I think in this case it’s the latter. LOL

Guys, I’ve had fun with you, and just a side note, I do travel for weddings worldwide 😉

Enjoy these!

Love on the beach in Aruba


Love is on Egale Beach Aruba 


Moonlit Engagement on Aruba


Official Proposal in the sand on Aruba


Engagement Announce on Eagle Beach Aruba


Love is in the air on Aruba


Eagle Beach Aruba = Love


Sunset Engagement Shoot on Eagle Beach Aruba


Caribbean Wedding / Engagement Photographer Photography


Bryan Morris

Family Barker

Sep 29

I’ve had the pleasure to could’ve finally document this family. Mrs Barker was the first client to contact me for 2009 it was actually on New Year’s day. We’ve kept in contact for some time until we’ve finalized and then coming down to the summer we were back in contact to recap.

Open arrival, I’ve met the most delightful family. I’ve introduced myself to Mr. Barker and then to the Mrs. and in return was introduced to the kids Nate and Anna. This family was up for anything so we’ve tried a little of everything. Follwing is a little of what I’ve documented of this wonderful family.

Mom and Dad Barker!

Randall & Denise Barker

The entire family in the garden of a resort.

Family Barker

Nate & Anna really enjoying their photo shoot.

Ms Anna & Mr Nate Barker

A little strool on the beach.

Family Barker

Anna showing Nate her love for him, Anna style!

Anna showing some love to Nate, Anna style!

Mom Barker (Denise) and Nate.

Mom and Nate

Anna & Nate again.

Anna and Nate

A family portrait at the famous Fofoti Tree on the Eagle Beach.


Mom and Daddy Barker (Randall)

Mom & Dad Barker

Denise and Anna!

Mom and Anna

Family Barker posing on some rocks at the Eagle Beach Aruba.

The Family Barker

Another family portrait with the kids in the background.

Family Barker Portrait


Bryan Morris

Jul 21

Do you remember Fayth & Steven? Here’s their slideshow. I’ve had so many awesome shots from this wedding that I just couldn’t put them all in a blog post. I’ve found this song sometime back and I love it so much that I just had to put it in a slideshow, so here it is. Enjoy.


Bryan Morris

Jul 16

The “Day After” Shoot is rapidly becoming a trend especially amongst destination weddings. This is where the bride & groom go off and take images of them usually in their wedding attire after the wedding day. This is where you will not have to be  afraid to dirty your wedding gown or tux.

Remember my posts (3) of a Chicago couple from a few weeks ago?  They did just that except they were not in their wedding attire as the wedding dress was long gone.

Here are the previous posts of this wonderful couple.

Out and about before the wedding
Wedding Part I
Wedding Part II

Now here you can see what we came up with in under 1 hour during the day after shoot.

Fofoti Tree at Eagle Beach


Love on Aruba


Love Is In The Air




















Bryan Morris

Jul 07

It is so complex to the human mind at times how destiny is decided.

Steven met Fayth (both Americans) in Bonn, Germany in 2002. Steven was then attending Texas A&M University and Fayth Lehigh University at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. A strong friendship was born. They remained in contact for the next several years visiting each other in Texas and Pennsylvania. It wasn’t until a visit down to Texas in 2005 Fayth and Steven started dating, a few years later Steven decided that he wanted to kick up the relationship a notch so he decided no more long distance dating and moved to Pennsylvania to be of support to Fayth while she attended Dental school.

Steven proposed in August 2008 while touring vineyards in the Brandywine Area of Pennsylvania.

These guys are awesome, our first in person meeting left me knowing that this one was going to rock. I’ve approached the wedding with such a confidence that I was going to blow it out of the park, not by my efforts really, but by the flexibility and open personality of the Bride and Groom.

After a couple of shots I gave them a peak at what I was getting and Steven goes, “Man, you’re good!”. Steven, believe me it’s not totally me but the vibe that you two transcend just makes it happen. Thanks for having me and may God bless your marriage.

When things get tough (notice I said “when” ,because they will. It’s inevitable) go back to your sign in book and read what I wrote there for you.

This wedding was at the Bucuti Beach Resort with the illustrious Nashette Wouters as the wedding planner. Words fail to express the awesomeness of this lady. She really makes you feel at ease even though you’re planning a wedding from thousands of miles away. It’s always a pleasure for me to work with her.

Groom getting ready

Groom Getting Ready

Bride and Bridesmaid making the last minute touches. 

Bride Getting Ready In Mirror

Bridesmaid attaching the veil to bride, for Aruba this is more like securing the veil, it is windy but the veil is cool especially for pictures. 

Bride Putting On Veil

Admiring herself in the mirror before heading out. 

Bride Making Last Minute CHecks In Mirror

Detail shot of the Calla Lilly bouquet and the fans that were given out to the guests. 

Calla Lillie Bouquet and Fan

Mirror mirror on the wall………. 

Bridals Before The Ceremony

Steven getting his first glimpse of Fayth, look at the smile on his face.

Grooms First View Of Bride

Groom’s mother attaching his boutonierre, a special moment. 

Mother Pinning Boutonniere On Groom

Mom giving groom a kiss before heading to the ceremony.


The urban dictionary has a different definition to this word but I have a total different definition and it will be added to the dictionary in the next print. The word I’m referring to is “Sexceptional”, exceptionally sexy! 

Portrait At The Bucuti Beach Resort

This is what you get if you don’t be shy and really enjoy each other on your wedding day. There’s very little left for me to be introduced to and if you’re so daring I’ll go for it, no problem, I’ll just chalk it up as a new experience. 

Tropical Destination Wedding Portrait

Schweet, golden hour sun! Using flash here would just ruin this shot. Did I really need any flash? I don’t think so. Available light is the way to go.

Romance On The Beach In Aruba

Upon shooting Fayth for a while in the room, I was stunned by her teeth but never said anything. Afew days after the wedding we met and she said that she was a dentist, then all fell in place. She really has beautiful teeth. 

Bridal On Beach In Aruba

 A shot of the setup of the ceremony area, Nashette and her crew did a great job!

Wedding Setup Bucuti Beach Resort Aruba

 The bridesmaid heading to the arch.

Bridesmaid Walking Down The Sand Aisle

 Here comes the bride……

Bride Walking Down Sand Aisle On The Beach In Aruba

 The bride focused on her prize……

Bride Getting To Altar

This guy have seen his then bride to be before the ceremony but he’s still amazed at how she looks, look at his expression.

Groom Looking At Bride At The Arch

The Vows! 

Exchange Of Vows

 The Ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony At The Bucuti Beach Resort Aruba

The Kiss!


Look at this guy, euphoric. It’s like he’s saying “Yes, I’ve scored a touchdown” 

The Recessional On The Beach At Bucuti Beach Resort Aruba

 A detail shot of the rings.

Wedding Bands

A classic portait on the beach.


Newly weds on the Eagle Beach! 

Taking A Stroll On The Eagle Beach

I call this “Ecstatic” 


Just schweet!

The Dip

Steven told Fayth that he’ll take her to the end of the world. 

Piggy Backing On The Eagle Beach Aruba

Romance in the tropics! 

Tropically Romantic!

Bride and Groom and the wedding party. 

Bridal Party

……….take my breath away!

Romantic Portrait On Aruba

The reception area with your toes in the sand. Can you ask for anything better. 

The Wedding Reception On The Beach At The Bucuti Beach Resort Aruba

The bride and groom opening the buffet line. 

Bride And Groom Opening Buffet Line

A caribbean first dance! 

The First Dance

The cake.

The Cake

Cake cutting! 

Cake Cutting Ceremony At The Bucuti Beach Resort Aruba

You feed me and I’ll feed you. 

Romantic Cake Feeding

Groom and Groomsman lighting up a Cohiba. This was a funny moment, a little secret between the two and me who documented it. 

Cigar Smoking.


Bryan Morris

Jun 28

Due to my unfortunate inconsistencies I have not been coming up with this section on a weekly basis. In my effort to correct this issue I have a concern and a shot to share.

As you can see from a few weeks ago, we’ve purchased a dog, a dog that needs lots of exercise. We’ve chosen to almost on a daily basis walk the dog and that usually happens on the Eagle Beach.

A few days ago my wife and sons walked ahead as my daughter and I ventured into picking up cigarette stubs on the beach. It was not even ten minutes and it was not a thorough attempt, if it was we would’ve still been there around the clock picking up stubs.

These were picked up between MVCI (Not Marriott Vacation Club) and Oceania on the Eagle Beach.

Now, I don’t point fingers at visitors or locals but I do address the smokers. Please don’t smoke on the beaches or if you do so figure out a way to have a windproof ashtray. You know what, don’t complicate your life nor mine nor my children’s children.

If this continue and we don’t do anything, could you imagine what would happen?

See what was collected in under 10 minutes.

Cigarettes on Beach


Bryan Morris

Jun 18

For your viewing pleasure!

Enjoy it!


Bryan Morris