Jul 05

Mr & Mrs Miller tied the knot 20 years ago and decided to come to Aruba for the first time with their two beautiful daughters Amanda and Alyssa to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. I love meeting people who’s been here for the first time and question them on the island. One of my first questions to them was how they find the island. and the response was, It’s so much better than many of the other island’s they’ve visited. On behalf of the entire island of Aruba and it’s inhabitants I would like to thank you for choosing Aruba as your celebration destination. Many more wedding anniversaries. Know that now you’ve officially found friends on this side of the world.

Of course they wanted to be documented in Paradise so I took them out on the Palm Beach area and partly around the Fisherman’s Huts on Aruba for some family portraits.

The entire Family Miller just casually posing for a portrait on Palm Beach, Aruba.

Alyssa and Amanda showing some sisterly love.

It’s been 20 years but I still love you like it’s day one!

Daddy’s girl, all proud of how you’ve grown.

Mommy’s Baby is always there under her wings.

Amanda’s showing that she has all elements in place to be a model.

Alyssa’s won’t stay behind in the world of fashion either, what a better team than 2 sisters.

This should give Dina, butterflies all over again. Eric is a good thing I don’t follow my clients. You look all studly here.

Here’s to another 20 years! This was a shot specifically requested by the kids.

On to many more 20 years as one happy family.


Bryan Morris

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I’m finally Back

Jul 04

I will like to start off by apologizing for the utter neglect towards my clients and/or potential clients. The last 2 years had been a very agonizing era in my life. This had been a season I dread and would not aspire repeating ever. This is the very course I urge my brides and grooms to stay away from as my last advice on their wedding night right before I say farewell and wish them success on their new journey as a couple.

Before this hiatus I lived a pretty open life which was displayed right on this medium. Those of you that followed me a little know that I’m all for family and preserving the family nucleus. My family meant the world to me and yes, you’ve guessed it right. I no longer have that family. While all relationships that I hear of grow apart as the years go by, mine was knitting nicely together until one day while I least expected I was informed of the distressing declaration of permanent separation, known to man as “Divorce”. Know this: I was hit by a ton of bricks and survived it. I then rather I had died at that very instant but I guess it was not the creators time for me yet. The experience was inapprehensible. My intention for emphasizing on my survival is not only to demonstrate that I am now a much stronger person but to affirm the hardships that I’ve had to endure. To protect the identity of those involved I will not go into detail of these hardships but note that it was definitely not an easy episode in my life.

Picture, the people you love, live for and would give your life for plotting and scheming against you in all areas. It is mind-boggling. You just feel lost, useless on the brink of suicide. Had it not been for my strong faith, I believe I would have at least lost my mind. Many were the days I’ve had to pray and try to calm myself as I literally felt that I was very close to crossing over to insanity but thanks be to God I got over it. What does not kill you will make you stronger and stronger I am.

I’m back and ready to serve you.


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Dec 04

Summer 2006 was when Eran was determined to make Kristen his wife.


Kristen went along with his wish!


They took the plunge…..


…. sealed it with a kiss!


and started on their journey of life together, hand in hand!

Starting the journey of life

Out of this union came this little princess Julianna…

Julianna on the beach in Aruba

I was contacted by mommy a few weeks before their arrival and was informed that they were coming to Aruba and they wanted me to take a few pictures of their little bundle of joy at the beach of the Westin Aruba Resort on Palm Beach. What a bundle of joy she is, a sweet little girl loved by Mommy and Daddy. She’s no doubt Daddy’s little girl. Julianna is a little ham that loves the ocean, if you’re distracted for 1 second too long she’s no longer by your side but heading for the ocean.

Here she is showing Daddy some affection!

Julianna posing with daddy for a portrait at the Westin Resort Aruba

I’m taking the world by storm, join me on the slide!

Preparing to go down the slide at the Westin Aruba Resort.

Swoosh…..here we go!

Enjoying the slide at the Westin Aruba Resort

I love mommy too!

Giving Mom some love in the playground of the Aruba Westin.

Am I not the cutest little thing ever?

Julianna just relaxing a little during the shoot in Aruba

I might just be a little gymnast, I just love to swing as well in the playground at the Aruba Westin Resort on the Palm Beach in Aruba

Julianna stretching before going down the slide at Aruba Westin Resort.

This white sand fascinates me so, I wish I can take some home.

Julianna playing on Palm Beach Aruba

This is the little diva outfit that I wore to the beach to play in the sand.

Palm Beach Aruba, get ready I'm ready to play!

And ofcourse, what do we do when were through playing in the sand, wash ourself off, right?

Clean Up!

May God bless her and keep her.


Bryan Morris

Morris Family Outing

Jul 18

I’m blessed to be able to do what I do, therefore it does not feel like work. However work is not all, family has precedence.

I woke up this morning early with my family to go and climb the “Hooiberg”. This was a request that I’ve had for some time already and I’ve promised the kids that during the summer vacation I would take them. Here are a few of the images of our retreat.

A self family portrait, easy. Just put the camera on timer and go for it a few times until you get it.

Family Portrait

Shayenne and the kids!

Hooiberg Aruba

Can’t stop me now, should’ve done it whilst you had the chance!

Top Of The World

Bryan and the kids

Family #1

Shaydee and Abishah!

Shaydee & Abishah

This is my favorite image of the day!

Family Portrait

Making my way down to sea level.

Bryan & Abishah



Bryan Morris

Don’t Give Up!

Feb 01

I would like to start off by saying, Happy New Year. May this year be the best one yet. Even though you as the world over might be seeking financial prosperity this year, I’ll be remiss to only wish you financial blessings this year. I’ve learned over the years that money is very important; however money is not the answer. I’ve seen many folk with money still lacking joy and peace. Therefore my wish for you this year is that you prosper financially, physically, intellectually, spiritually, and in every other area of your life.

Last year, I’ve started out about, insanity. I was determined to do things differently in order to expect different results. I’ve had a few areas of my life that I was going to tackle and one of them was surely my weight. I must say that I’ve succeeded in this area greatly and I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight. I’m now down to a size 33 waist from a tight/uncomfortable 42 heading to 44. I’m still not where I want to be but I’ve made strides into the right direction and I certainly will not give up now.

My thought for this year is to not give up. You may have been having a dream for some years and you still don’t see it come to fruition. I want you to examine yourself and see if you’ve done all that there is to do to accomplish this dream. This thought dawned on me after following the American presidential campaign these last couple of months.

I don’t know much personally about the now President Barack Obama, I’m still to read his books. I must say though I’ve become a fan of his. My admiration is not in accordance with his political objective but more so with his determination. I can imagine the numerous obstacles, skeptics, not to mention his greatest in a me (Inner voice) that he’s had to overcome before getting to where he is today. It shows me that hard work, determination and will power will always make your dream come true. President Obama could’ve been a cop out like most of us are when we face opposition but he chose to press on and today he’s arrived, despite the obstacles, despite what skeptics said, despite what his inner voice told him time and time again.

I’ve studied his name a little and it means “a gleam” as in a gleam of light in darkness. This is the exact impact his story has had on my own life. It has given me hope in a dark season. The dark season that I’m referring to is certainly not the economy as I don’t view President Obama to be my source. The dark season that I’m alluding to is the many plans and ideas that I’ve been working on for years and I still don’t see them coming to materialization. That would discourage anyone and cause them to give in to the many obstacles that come up against them. I must admit, I’m not a weak person, so I haven’t given up, I however wasn’t pressing on with the necessary clout to bring things to pass. His story was a real boost to me; it jolted me back into position to pursue my goals with the same tenacity that I once had.

My message to you this year is to not give up. Winner’s never quit, quitters never win. Just keep that ambition high amidst the many obstacles, cynics, skeptics and your biggest enemy in a me. Start to relive a purposeful life and revitalize all those dreams and ambitions you once had.


Bryan Morris

Shayenne Trashes A Dress Too

Sep 20

After editing all of the pending work that I have I’ll be posting a few shots of Shayenne’s “Trash the Dress” session. Here’s just a sneak peak of the session.


Bryan Morris

Quote Of The Week

May 21

If life was fair, Elvis would be alive and all the impersonators would be dead – Johnny Carson

“………….for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.” Matt 5:45

C’est La Vie!


Bryan Morris

Where are you now?

May 18

Nazareth, launched a song by the name of the title in 1983 but this post has nothing to do with the search of a loved one.

At the beginning of this very year I’ve had a small but potent post questioning the current direction of your life and the resolutions for the new year ahead of us. hence the question………

Where are you now?

Did you make the necessary changes to reposition yourself to success. Whether it’s financially, physically, academically, spiritually, in your relationships or in any other arena.

Did you start out with a resolution to make a change and you’ve still gone back to your comfort zone? therefore you’re back to going around in circles.

The quote I’ve used on January, still stands. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

I’m here to inform you that it’s not all lost “The greatest thing in the world is not so much where we are, but in what direction we are moving.” says Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Sit back, analyze where you want to go, where you are and if you’re on the right track. If you are on track focus on how to get there even faster, if there’s a way. If you’re off course, reposition yourself and move back into the intended direction.

Remember insanity is continuing in the direction you’re heading and still expecting a change.

I have a goal for mid 2009 and I have to start loosing weight, this was one of my resolutions for 2008 so I get up every morning or should I say almost every morning at 4:45 AM and leave home at 5:00 AM and run/speed walk about 8 miles/12+ KM. I’ve changed my eating regimen quite a bit, I’ve since lost 25+ pounds. Good but not the way I want so I’ll tighten up on my eating and add the gym to my walk every day and then get me where I want to get and ready for my goal for 2009.

Another resolution of mine was to post more often on the blog which I’ve got myself caught up these last few weeks and was a very bad blogger, well not really as I’ve been putting stuff aside to blog, so you’ll be flooded with stuff for a bit.

Where are you now? Check yourself!


Bryan Morris

Happy Valentine’s Day

Feb 14

I want to wish you all a happy valentine’s day today and may you express your love to your loved ones more than ever today.

Valentine’s day is not about having a man or a woman (In the sexual sense) in your life. So if you don’t have that special person (That society deems special), don’t sweat it. You definitely have special people in your life. Your mom or dad, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, son or daughter so celebrate this day with them.

This day is about love it’s not only about being romantic, so you can definitely love without being romantic and still have a great time. No need to separate yourself from the crowd today, join in like everyone else because I’m sure that you’re loved by at least one person.

Enjoy the day,

Bryan Morris

Nobody but You

Feb 14

I want to chase away

any clouds you’ll ever have,

and let you know

that no matter what –

our being together is the most important thing

I’ll ever have in this life.

When it comes to sharing love,

today and every tomorrow,

you’re the one

that will always shine through.

And when it comes to

the person I always want to be with…..

you know that there’s

nobody but YOU!

Laine Parsons

This poem is dedicated to my wife, I wanted just this part to go public as whatever will follow might not be appropriate for all audiences.

I love you and I’m very proud of you, may God continue to bless you.

Your hubby,

Bryan Morris