Jul 09

When I say Aruba is a Paradise all in itself and that we don’t need a studio for portraits, this is proof of my statement. I was recently requested by my photographer friend Christina Fazari to take a few shots of her and her boyfriend. We went out and we’ve had a day of fun. I have so many great shots that I’m considering creating a slideshow to portray all. Here are just a few of these images.


Bryan Morris

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Yet To Come!

Apr 25

There’s a saying that goes like this; “No News Is Good News” and this is definitely the case with Bryan Morris Photography, Aruba’s Premier Wedding And Family Photographer.  I haven’t posted on here for some time but I was pretty busy with quite a few Engagement Shoots and Family Portraits and also with my personal Flash Photography venture. I’ll soon be an official Aruban Strobist. I’m really enjoying the journey.

Stay tuned for the upcoming posts!  

I’ll post a few images with many more to follow as a treat or teaser (however you look at it).

Valerie & Stephen’s Engagement……

Family Richter & Labriola family portraits on Palm Beach in Aruba.

This is one of my Flash Photography/ Strobist assignments with my best model ever.

Darlene & Mike’s Engagement session. They’re getting married this summer and guess who’s the photographer? Yeah, yeah…..You’ve guessed right!

Come back soon for I’ll start posting these sessions this week.


Bryan Morris



Yuriana and Hugo

Dec 11

For romance, this shoot took 1st place in 2009. Hugo is the epitome of romance. Hugo knew he was coming to Aruba with his then girlfriend and decided to get engaged during his trip to Aruba. He went unto the “Official Tourism Website of Aruba” and inquired about a photographer to cover this very special moment in their lives. I was blessed to be selected from the list of suggestions. We’ve worked out the details and agreed to meet at his hotel.

Upon arrival I met him and his beautiful girlfriend, she was a bit shy and was kinda wondering why the photographer as she was under the impression that they were heading to dinner, I was a total surprise to her.  She probably did not know that I’ve heard her every chance she got to whisper to him and ask him why or what is going on. How did you find this guy etc… but I did hear all the questions. Hugo was nice to tell her don’t worry baby it’s all under control. They both love having their pictures taken and it shows in their images. They were discussing a photoshoot at home for 2 months already but they’ve never gotten around to doing it and I guess Hugo was of no help either since he was stalling the process untill he gets to Aruba. My friend here had a plan.

 Hugo and Yuri is from our neighbouring South American country Venezuela. Yuri is from Maracaibo and Hugo is from Valencia, and are now both living in Pto Fijo for work. After starting to date they’ve realised that the first time they met was in 2004 but it was not dictated by destiny then for them to be attracted to each other. It was until February 2007 that the cupid struck. After going out for 6 months and getting to know each other they’ve decided to start to date each other. Hugo says “It has been more than 2 wonderful years that she accepted me to be her boyfriend.  From that moment up till our engagement we’ve grown together personally as well as professionally.” They’re both chemists in the refinary in Pto. Fijo.

The wedding is scheduled for 2010 in Maracaibo where Yuriana is from as it’s a custom to marry at the brides state.

Here they are taking a stroll on the beach.

 Romantic Walk On The Eagle Beach In Aruba

 Mr Luva Luva……

Aruba Is Love

 Look at that golden light on their skin……I just love this place!

Aruba Is Paradise

No doubt that Yuri is also madly in love and it really shows here. 

Beauty And The Beach

 I told you she’s in love….

Eagle Beach Aruba

This is it when you’re in love in paradise. 

Love Is On Eagle Beach Aruba

 Hugo is here unveiling the ring.

Romantic Public Proposal At Eagle Beach Aruba

On bended knees asking Yuri to marry him. 

Romantic Wedding Proposal On The Eagle Beach Aruba

And her response was yes as he’s placing the ring on her finger! 


 This is what you call caliente…….

Aruba Is Hot

Yuri pondering and showing off the ring at the same time. 

Wedding Proposal At Aruba Phoenix Resort On Eagle Beach

I’m generally an available light shooter, meaning I don’t use flash but my quest for 2009 was to get into off camera flash and this was my humble contribution after trying and testing this for the last few weeks.  Seeing that Hugo and Yuri had to go to Passions for dinner we could not pass up the opportunity to get a few shots at the famous Fofoti Tree on the Eagle Beach. 

One Light Strobist at Divi Divi Tree Aruba


Fofoti Tree Eagle Beach Aruba


Proposal Portraits In Aruba (Eagle Beach)

The proposal ended with a dinner at Passions Restaurant at the Amsterdam Manor, a very romantic restaurant on the Eagle Beach where you sit with your toes in the sand.

Passions Restaurant Aruba

Yuri and Hugo it was a real pleasure to be be present and even more so to be able to document such a sacred milestone in your life, I was truly touched by this and will carry the memories for a long time.


Bryan Morris