Jul 05

Mr & Mrs Miller tied the knot 20 years ago and decided to come to Aruba for the first time with their two beautiful daughters Amanda and Alyssa to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. I love meeting people who’s been here for the first time and question them on the island. One of my first questions to them was how they find the island. and the response was, It’s so much better than many of the other island’s they’ve visited. On behalf of the entire island of Aruba and it’s inhabitants I would like to thank you for choosing Aruba as your celebration destination. Many more wedding anniversaries. Know that now you’ve officially found friends on this side of the world.

Of course they wanted to be documented in Paradise so I took them out on the Palm Beach area and partly around the Fisherman’s Huts on Aruba for some family portraits.

The entire Family Miller just casually posing for a portrait on Palm Beach, Aruba.

Alyssa and Amanda showing some sisterly love.

It’s been 20 years but I still love you like it’s day one!

Daddy’s girl, all proud of how you’ve grown.

Mommy’s Baby is always there under her wings.

Amanda’s showing that she has all elements in place to be a model.

Alyssa’s won’t stay behind in the world of fashion either, what a better team than 2 sisters.

This should give Dina, butterflies all over again. Eric is a good thing I don’t follow my clients. You look all studly here.

Here’s to another 20 years! This was a shot specifically requested by the kids.

On to many more 20 years as one happy family.


Bryan Morris

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Jun 30

I’ve had the immeasurable pleasure to finally meet and document a family that I’ve been in contact with for some time already through the World Wide Web.

Jessica contacted me in hopes that I do Family Portraits as they’re a big family and they’ve never taken a family portrait as the family is so ample that coordinating such has its complications and with everyone on island it can be offered to mom as a late Mother’s Day gift.

Upon getting to the Marriot Aruba Surf Club they were heading to the lobby to meet me, so we got to our arranged meeting spot simultaneously. I’ve recognized them instantaneously and introduced myself.

There were a total of eight people. A mom and a dad and their kids and one, self proclaimed adoptee. After talking for a while I’ve quickly noticed that this was about to be easy. A dream family, beautiful inside and out. Picture the TV family Cosby from the Bill Cosby show, only this time in real life. I couldn’t rave enough to my wife upon getting home. Having that many children you would believe that would get a bit chaotic but all was well in line and the parents did not once had to correct any of the six that were present. Mr. & Mrs. Boyd, I salute you on a job well done raising your kids to become respectable members of society.

During our conversation, I asked what they really wanted and if they’ve had any preferred spot around the premises that they wanted to shoot at and they’ve decided to leave it into my well capable hands. So we started walking with no plan in mind as I don’t like to scope out spots I prefer the areas to jump out at me and start to inspire me. I avoid repeating my areas and my poses. I want to do my clients justice by creating something totally unique for them, so enjoy!

Mr and Mrs Boyd.

This was our first family portrait and I must say that I love this one. I see this blown up big in Canvas in the family room.

They really wanted family portraits so we shot mostly that and here is another option.  I really like the relaxed feel of this one.

What is a family portrit without the sunset in Aruba, it just does not work. It goes hand in hand. 

This is all the kids along with the self proclaimed adoptee, Brooke second from the left. 

Sharing some sisterly love, Jamie and Maggie. 

Angie and her little brother Jeremy. 

The queen bee with all her little helper bees. 

 Theguys are really outweighed in this home so should I say, Girls Rule!

Jessica, just lounging on the Palm Beach in Aruba.

I loved this portrait so much that I’ve attempted a different (current) edit to it to see how it would look and I love the final outcome. 

I know that we’ve created friends for life as Mrs Boyd let me in on a secret that this will become their main vacation spot from now on and yes we welcome you Boyd family and thank you for visiting. Contact me whenever you’re back at least for a virgin colada around the pool or even dinner with my family.


Bryan Morris

Nov 27

Upon contacting Nora, I vividly recall, she was all business. She halted me at the very beginning of my sales spiel and said (Paraphrasing) “Cut to the chase just give me a quote for x amount of hours, my mind is made up, you’re my photographer!” I’ve closed the phone and said “That’s my kind of bride” Upon learning she had her own wedding website (www.eddyandnora.com) I was even more convinced.

After Eddy’s remigration to New Jersey he decided that he was ready to settle down and find the future Mrs Tufford. HE tried Match.com on the suggestion of a friend. It was destined to be as it was around the same time that Nora was also looking out for Mr Right. Upon there first face to face meeting they both agreed that they had something special but Nora learned that her Dad had cancer 2 months after. She was very close to her dad and this has thrown her life into a roller coaster. Nora suggested to Eddy that he can continue with his life.

Eddy said “No, we’ll get through this together and it would be OK”

Eddy kept his promise and accompanied Nora and her mom all hours at the hospital. Eddy’s caring personality didn’t onlt strike a note with Nora but with her father as well. When the father got out of surgery Eddy was the first person he asked for.

As soon as Nora’s dad was getting better, Nora’s niece was born which became a great part of their lives together especially that Charlotte chose Eddy over her aunt Nora.

A few months later Nora’s dad’s cancer returned fearing the worst Eddy requested permission to marry Nora in September and he passed away on Nove 6th, 2007. Eddy have grown very close to Nora’s dad and on that day it was a lost for both Nora and Eddy, but just as Eddy has promised at the very beginning of the relationship, they got through it together and they’re OK.

He proposed on December 21st of the same year. He setted the mood with candles, roses and various reminders of happy memories.

Fast forward to the wedding day which in actuality was a two day event. This was one great group of people. Both families very much in the moment and missing Nora’s dad.

Here you have Eddy and Nora walking into Town Hall, Oranjestad, Aruba.


Eddy being the ever caring person that he is and wiping the tears of joy from Nora’s face. 

 The first kiss after the civil ceremony.

 A couple portraits in the garden of the Town Hall in Aruba.





This is Nora, Nora Nesevich now Tufford!

The wedding guests heading to a sunset dinner trip the day before the wedding. 

This is so funny! There were 4 uninvited guests at this celebration and this is the first one. He followed the boat for the entire sunset cruise. 

Larimar Spa at the Radisson did an awesome job. Nora spent the entire morning papmering herself at the spa. They make up artist does a great job. 

The bestman, Giacomo preparing his speech. 

I love this shot of the preparation. 

Eddy and his mom walking down the sand isle. 

Nora and her mom walking down the isle to meet her man. 

 Eddy’s mom sharing words of wisdom during the ceremony.

word’s of wisdom from Nora’s mom.

The kiss! The purpose of this shot like this is to portray motion. This kiss came with a dip. 

A portrait after the ceremony. 

#2 uninvited guest.

The new Mr & Mrs Tufford entering the reception. 

The dance…… 

Mother and daughter dance…. 

Mother and son dance. 

The best man’s speech. 

The maid of honor’s speech.

A hug after the speech. 

A detail shot……

This was the third uninvited guest.

Druuuum roll please…….Wedding Crasher!  Uninvited guest #4!

This is Eddy and his school friends tradition! 

I just love this shot and I know Nora will love this too. This I’ll be entering into a photo contest. I’ve called it “Wish you were here” 


If you want to see more I have a slideshow that will draw you completely into this festivity.

Click here for slideshow……….


Bryan Morris

Oct 25

One unforeseen but destined evening in a little bar in Dayton, Ohio, Matt laid his eyes on Crissy.
It was something similar to a short circuit went through his entire being, a variety of emotions hit him simultaneously.
Excitement coupled by fear overwhelmed him for some time.

He had to regain composure, muster up the courage to go over to her and introduce himself. Much to his surprise the introduction was accepted.

From there on, the entire evening was spent in conversation, inconsiderate of the fact that they both were at the bar with a group of friends……….

They obviously saw something in each other………

They’ve spent that entire summer together but at the end of the summer Crissy had to go back to college. She was a bit pessimistic about the summer romance however Matt kept the romance alive. They’ve since spent much more time together than they could have ever imagined.

After college they’ve moved in together and Matt proposed a year later.

Upon asking Crissy “Why Aruba?” her response was “Just wanting a small wedding, we decided to do a destination wedding and invite whomever wanted to come with us. After debating many different locations a close friend of mine suggested Aruba, where she honeymooned. She said it was one of the most beautful islands she had ever seen, and boy was she right. We picked Aruba because of her suggestion and because it was under the hurricane belt since we were getting married in October.

We chose the Riu, again from suggestions of friends, and booked the wedding. I can’t stress to you how easy the Riu made the preparations of my wedding! Carolina, our wedding coordinator took care of everything and was so wonderful to work with. The only thing I had to do was find a photographer….and luckily I found the best one out there…just by looking on the internet.

Matt’s parents, his sister and her boyfriend, and my parents all decided to join us in Aruba. Having them there made the trip even more amazing. It meant so much to have them there with us sharing the best day of our lives.

We got to Aruba on a Wednesday and were married on the following Monday, October 13th. (13 is my lucky number). I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful wedding or to have worked with anyone else on the island! Our wedding was a dream come true.

In November we are having a reception with all of our friends. I can’t wait to show them all the pictures of our fantastic trip.

Now I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. The man that still makes my skin tingle when he walks into the room. We get to start a family, play tennis together, laugh, and share memories for the rest of our lives. I feel like the most lucky girl out there to have found him.

In Matt’s words, “I agree that the wedding couldn’t have gone any better, Crissy was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. The setting and location couldn’t have been any better, and now I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend, too.”

Crissy and Matt, I wish you long life, health and happiness together. Thanks for allowing me to be part of such an important milestone in your lives.

If these images below are not enough click HERE fo’ mo’.

Crissy making her final check in the mirror before heading out to the beach.

Anxiously awaiting for the OK from the wedding planner to make her appearance.

Being a bit playful before heading out to the beach.

Taking in some last minute advice and fun from mom.

I always learn a thing or two at every wedding. I must give it to him. This dude’s romantic.

A quick shot haning out with the ladies in the room before heading to the beach.

Matt waiting for his bride at the beach.

As the ladies hang out and make their final preparations in the room, the guys just hang out on the beach.

Crissy being escorted out to the beach by the wonderful Carolina. (Wedding planner at the Riu)

Crissy walking down the isle going to meet her man.

This was Matt’s reaction after he caught a glimpse of Crissy walking down the isle.

A detail shot of the bouquet.

Tribute to Jessica Claire…..A flare shot of the ceremony.

Is she in love or what? Just soaking up Matt’s every move as he places the ring on her finger.

Crissy making that eye contact as she places the ring on Matt’s finger, showing the commitment she’s making.

The first kiss.

The applause after the signing of all the paperwork on the beach.

The toast…….!!!!

A silhouette shot. This was actually a mechanical failure but I love how it came out. I think it’s a keeper. Can anyone detect the mechanical?

Nothings better than a piggy back at sunset with your one true love.

This is completely candid. They are just enjoying the rings.

Mr Suave, gauging himself for the kill. You know that a kiss will follow this, right?

He seriously can be a stunt double for…….Who do you think? Let me know.

This is simply schweet…….I’ll turn this into a 30″x40″ canvas in a hurry.

Dancing to the tunes of “This Is Your song” in their heads.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m bad but I just had to get some tongue action in there.

Detail shot of the cake and the rings.

Yummy, sexy shot!


Bryan Morris

Sep 29

Can you find true love through a dating service?  “Yes!” say Kristi Kimberley and Bill Gedfrey who met in March of 2007.  The couple met for dinner after being matched by the dating service It’s Just Lunch.  Bill planned the couples’ first vacation to Aruba in June of 2007.  “We could not believe how beautifull the island was…the water, the beaches, the people.  We did not think twice when we decided to get married to have it take place in Aruba.”  
 Event planner, Kaleigh Wesson of Fort Worth, Texas, made all the wedding arrangements for the sunset ceremony held on the beach at the Radisson Aruba Resort and Casino on September 13, 2008.  Bryan Morris photographed the couple all over the beautiful grounds of the Radisson Aruba Resort and Kaleigh custom made all the florals.  After the wedding, Bill and Kristi had a candle light dinner on the beach under a full moon.  “Our wedding was amazing…I could not have dreamed it any more perfect” says Kristi and Bill in unison.
The couple have four children; Megan 19, Katelin 17, Preston 14, and Grayson 8.  On October 25th, with family and friends to help celebrate, Bill and Kristi will host a dinner reception at their home in Colleyville, Texas.























Bryan Morris

Sep 09

Dozens of celebrants arrived in Aruba from New York on Thursday, to
participate in the nuptials of Renita James and Allen Coston to find
everything perfect except for one thing, the bride and groom were left
behind in New York!
All the attendants, parents and guests of the intended couple were
gathered at the Radisson Aruba Resort, Casino and Spa for the intended
ceremony, but Renita and Allen were held up at Kennedy Airport with their
ten-month old daughter, Ionee. They arrived a day behind everyone else.
Fortunately, the couple had allowed a one-day margin for error,
(in actuality to relax for the upcoming event) so they were able to walk
down the isle on that magic date 08/08/08, as planned.

They made a handsome couple with the stunning surrounding of the
Radisson Aruba Resort as a backdrop for their fantasy wedding close to
Aruba’s shores, performed by Reverend Bob Gibson of the Universal Life
Ministries. Attending them were groomsmen Krawshawn Lee, Lyndell James
and Alfonso Lee and Renita’s cousins Sharon James, Ashley James and
Nadia Glasgow acting as bridesmaids with Allen’s sister Brittany the
lovely flower girl. Ionee may have been a little too young to walk down
the aisle, but she was absolutely adorable dressed in the wedding colors
of ivory and green.

Palm trees and blue skies complimented those colors as the couple spoke
their vows and exchanged rings. Renita’s parents, Patrick and Jean,
have lived in the US nearly 40 years, but originally resided on Aruba
and interestingly enough, had not met until going to live in the United
States. Because of them being from the island, conducting the nuptials
here was like “coming home,” with many friends and family from Aruba
attending. They were proud to show off their beautiful island to
Allen’s family from New York, including his parents Delcenia and Allen

Though it might have begun as something of a nightmare, Renita’s and
Allen’s dream of a picture-perfect wedding on Aruba, on a dream date,
which according to the Chinese, is very auspicious and promises great
success, came true. The wedding party witnessed a stunning ceremony and
then indulged in an elegant poolside party until well into the evening.

Congratulations Renita and Allen, may God richly bless this union.


Bryan Morris

Ramphys Tromp

Aug 12


This was my expression on Sunday at the end of a concert. at the Westin Aruba Resort & Casino. http://www.westinaruba.com

Ramphys Tromp is one of Aruba’s largest artist that on January, 2005 turned his life around. (Dedicate his life to Christ)

He then vowed that he will never sing until He feels it was right. And when he feels it’s right the only music he will be singing is Gospel Music.

He is a Latin Gospel artist that is promising. It was a pleasure for me to be present and that I could’ve shoot for fun.

Here are a few of the images captured on the night.

You can follow him at http://www.myspace.com/ramphystromp


Ramphys himself in action.

Ramphys Tromp

One of his opening act. The great Mr Eduardo Maya. Eduardo coincidentally is Ramphy’s father in law.

Sir Eduardo Maya

These guys are so young nd so talented. They really rocked the crowd with their Reggeaton version of praise.

Los KBS, Focus!


This is part of a duet with the Worship Leader of Corporate Impact Ministries, Ghislaine Grant! Very talented lady.

Ghislaine Grant