Family Moseley

Jul 27

The visitors who come to the island of Aruba knows that Aruba is a picture paradise. As you step outside you step into picture greatness.

I was requested by Family Moseley to document them in Paradise. I accepted the offer and we’ve had fun with this photo session. I took them out on the Palm Beach pass the Marriott Resort and Casino close to The Fisherman’s Hut on the beach to create beautiful family portraits.

My job was easy. It’s very difficult to mess up with a beautiful family. See the results of the session for yourself.


Bryan Morris

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Mar 27

I was contacted to shoot Senior Portraits of Shannon while she visits the island of Aruba with her family for the first time. In an effort to spread my wings and transform this family into Aruba lovers and have them visit our island year after year, I’ve decided to take on this challenge to shoot Shannon’s Senior Portraits in Aruba eventhough I’m Aruba’s Premier  Wedding Photographer. The results I personally believe were exceptional as Shannon is a natural model. She never modeled before but after the shoot I did tell her that she should take up modeling as it’s a natural talent that she has, all she needs to do is develop it and who knows we will see her on the international catwalk within a few years.

The shoot was done for the most part with off camera lighting ala Strobist and I did not have my regular assistant but I must say that Mark, Shannon’s dad did a great job assisting me as my lighting guy. He was my voice activated lightstand and lighting operator. Mark, once again, thank you and you’ve done a great job. We shot at various locations of Aruba. Eagle Beach, Arashi Beach and Downtown Oranjestad in Aruba were a few of the locations that were used for this Senior Portrait Photoshoot.

Look at that smile and her crystal blue eyes, a natural model indeed.

Shannon is practicing walking the catwalk on the beaches of Aruba.

Enjoying Aruba’s nature.

Here you have Shannon strutting her stuff. Showing that she’s ready for the great world of modeling.

Here is a different look of Shannon. This is her with some attitude. She did not liked this one when she saw it in the the camera’s screen. She finds that she looks upset but that is just a different look and I say it’s more attitude than upset.

Loved the hat as a prop in this shoot, it really brought some flavor to the shoot.

Look at that smile and look at the eyes. She was surely enjoying herself in downtown Oranjestad as a model.

Why are you staring, are you not going to join me?

Just lounging downtown Oranjestad.

Aruba’s Sunset + a great model = Awesomeness

Some of you might remember this location that I used in this shoot for a trash the dress session with Shayenne.

Taking a sunset stroll on Aruba’s Eagle Beach.

Pondering in the window in Aruba.


Bryan Morris

Dec 24

It’s nice to know that you’re pregnant and you have such a great support group looking forward to baby DA to pinch, hold, kiss and cuddle. I know for a fact that he will not lack any love or attention. His support group is so big that they even has to be featured in his growth process.

This is a high fashion pregnant mommy to be.

Huge part of the support group and there is still more to follow that were not featured due to the request for privacy.

Successful supportive sisters.

Another part of the support team, the proud uncle and his wife.

That’s a stylish preggy!


Bryan Morris

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Oct 04

I thank God continually for the great family that I have. My kids are healthy and well behaved. My wife’s health and mine could not have been better. A little over weight, yes but we’ve started collectively to work on this we’re determined to be fit within the next year or so. You’ll be hearing about this as I will attempt to start a complete other blog documenting my progress. I’m blessed to live on Aruba where people save an entire year to come and visit. I have the best job in the world as a photographer, documenting weddings, engagements, shooting family portraits. It’s been all work and no play for me but I’m working out a plan that will allow me to slow down a little. Over the summer my kids pinned me in a corner (figuratively of course) and demanded that I take their pictures. I’ve obliged, what was there to do. These are my kids and they’re great. I want to say the best in the world but I haven’t traveled the world over yet but I dare if they’re not the best in the world they are pretty close and to me they are already there. Ah forget it! They ARE the best in the world, it’s my blog right?

I’ve placed this one on my fb page as a teaser I really like it and I must say I”m enjoying B/W lately.

Ishaq is flexing his muscles pushing this rock over.

Here you have Ishaq and Naeem striking a pose between some rocks.

Ishaq is relaxing after some workout.

Shaydee striking a pose.

Naeem trying to put the rock Ishaq pushed back in place.

Ishaq and Naeem posing again.

Shaydee loves taking pictures and she comes up with her own poses.

This is Naeem……..(Fill in the blanks)

Shaydee and Ishaq needed a shot together.

Ishaq, all teeth!

Ready for war!

Shaydee doing her thing.

Did you figure it out yet about Naeem?


Bryan Morris


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Sep 13

I has been quite a few months ago that Mr Daly and I was back and forth by email trying to set this family portrait session up.  After we’ve had it set up, I was just waiting for the day to show up at our agreed spot in order to head off to a spot and go through the session. Mr Daly entrusted me with the choice of location and as I don’t have a lack of locations here on the island it was easy for me to decide to use a location that I’ve scouted out a few days prior. I prefer not to shoot at the same location over and over and we have a great variety of locations here on the island so I constantly look out for unused locations as I’m out and about. No two photoshoots are supposed to be alike. There might be one or two staple shots but not more than that, I constantly strive to have a different look on every shoot.

So upon meeting the Daly family at their resort one early morning we’ve went out to the Arashi Beach area. Right away I’ve realized that they were an easy going family and the kids were good sports. Rushing to meet Family Daly, I’ve had 2 bloopers. Blooper#1 , I’ve placed everything in the car and thought that my wife put one box with my flashes in it in the car which was not so Mr Daly drove me home to get the flash and then upon getting to Arashi I’ve realized that I left over 40 GB of Flash Cards at my desk so again I had to go home and get them. Thankfully I live pretty close in the area. Mr Daly is so accommodating that he gave me his car to go and get my cards while they explore the Arashi Beach, that’s just how cool he is. Thanks again Mr Daly.

I must say on behalf of myself and my team mate Shayenne we’ve had a blast. I really didn’t feel like stopping although we were bound to a certain time limit but I just love my job and once I get into it I use my subjects merciless. I won’t stop until they have enough of me. Thankfully they allow me to abuse of the situation as it benefits them all the more. They’ll have a greater variety of shots to choose from.

Here you have the entire Family Daly.

Nicole and Sean jsut being casual under a tree while I experiment my strobist technique.

Now this Jen being all cool in Aruba.

The family portrait was the emphasis of the day so I’ve had different takes on it but not one of the regular same old casual way.

Here you have Sean and Jen getting it down in Aruba’s wild life.

Now, to be honest this is my most favorite shot of this shoot. The reason for this I want to believe is the lens used here.

This is a staple of mine, I do it from time to time.

Here you have Jen and Nicole, big sister little sister together.

Another twist on the family portrait.

As we started I was warned by the family but it was  Sean who emphasized that he loves to make goofy faces so we made a deal that if he not make goofy faces during the shoot I will give him a chance to make a goofy face, which I did. It was not that all goofy either to be honest I really liked it.

Here’s another family portait taken at the tree at Arashi Beach.


Bryan Morris

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Jun 30

I’ve had the immeasurable pleasure to finally meet and document a family that I’ve been in contact with for some time already through the World Wide Web.

Jessica contacted me in hopes that I do Family Portraits as they’re a big family and they’ve never taken a family portrait as the family is so ample that coordinating such has its complications and with everyone on island it can be offered to mom as a late Mother’s Day gift.

Upon getting to the Marriot Aruba Surf Club they were heading to the lobby to meet me, so we got to our arranged meeting spot simultaneously. I’ve recognized them instantaneously and introduced myself.

There were a total of eight people. A mom and a dad and their kids and one, self proclaimed adoptee. After talking for a while I’ve quickly noticed that this was about to be easy. A dream family, beautiful inside and out. Picture the TV family Cosby from the Bill Cosby show, only this time in real life. I couldn’t rave enough to my wife upon getting home. Having that many children you would believe that would get a bit chaotic but all was well in line and the parents did not once had to correct any of the six that were present. Mr. & Mrs. Boyd, I salute you on a job well done raising your kids to become respectable members of society.

During our conversation, I asked what they really wanted and if they’ve had any preferred spot around the premises that they wanted to shoot at and they’ve decided to leave it into my well capable hands. So we started walking with no plan in mind as I don’t like to scope out spots I prefer the areas to jump out at me and start to inspire me. I avoid repeating my areas and my poses. I want to do my clients justice by creating something totally unique for them, so enjoy!

Mr and Mrs Boyd.

This was our first family portrait and I must say that I love this one. I see this blown up big in Canvas in the family room.

They really wanted family portraits so we shot mostly that and here is another option.  I really like the relaxed feel of this one.

What is a family portrit without the sunset in Aruba, it just does not work. It goes hand in hand. 

This is all the kids along with the self proclaimed adoptee, Brooke second from the left. 

Sharing some sisterly love, Jamie and Maggie. 

Angie and her little brother Jeremy. 

The queen bee with all her little helper bees. 

 Theguys are really outweighed in this home so should I say, Girls Rule!

Jessica, just lounging on the Palm Beach in Aruba.

I loved this portrait so much that I’ve attempted a different (current) edit to it to see how it would look and I love the final outcome. 

I know that we’ve created friends for life as Mrs Boyd let me in on a secret that this will become their main vacation spot from now on and yes we welcome you Boyd family and thank you for visiting. Contact me whenever you’re back at least for a virgin colada around the pool or even dinner with my family.


Bryan Morris

May 22

The previous series of images I made of Shayenne for my flash assignment was outdoors, this was taken indoors as I had to get a reflecting background so this is what I came up with. Hope you enjoy it.






Bryan Morris

May 05

As previously mentioned I’m probing into light for 2010. I’m experimenting more and more with OCF (Off Camera Flash) Here are a few images of an assignment I had to submit.

I’m not quite there yet but it’s a journey that I’m enjoying very much.







Bryan Morris