Don’t Give Up!

Feb 01

I would like to start off by saying, Happy New Year. May this year be the best one yet. Even though you as the world over might be seeking financial prosperity this year, I’ll be remiss to only wish you financial blessings this year. I’ve learned over the years that money is very important; however money is not the answer. I’ve seen many folk with money still lacking joy and peace. Therefore my wish for you this year is that you prosper financially, physically, intellectually, spiritually, and in every other area of your life.

Last year, I’ve started out about, insanity. I was determined to do things differently in order to expect different results. I’ve had a few areas of my life that I was going to tackle and one of them was surely my weight. I must say that I’ve succeeded in this area greatly and I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight. I’m now down to a size 33 waist from a tight/uncomfortable 42 heading to 44. I’m still not where I want to be but I’ve made strides into the right direction and I certainly will not give up now.

My thought for this year is to not give up. You may have been having a dream for some years and you still don’t see it come to fruition. I want you to examine yourself and see if you’ve done all that there is to do to accomplish this dream. This thought dawned on me after following the American presidential campaign these last couple of months.

I don’t know much personally about the now President Barack Obama, I’m still to read his books. I must say though I’ve become a fan of his. My admiration is not in accordance with his political objective but more so with his determination. I can imagine the numerous obstacles, skeptics, not to mention his greatest in a me (Inner voice) that he’s had to overcome before getting to where he is today. It shows me that hard work, determination and will power will always make your dream come true. President Obama could’ve been a cop out like most of us are when we face opposition but he chose to press on and today he’s arrived, despite the obstacles, despite what skeptics said, despite what his inner voice told him time and time again.

I’ve studied his name a little and it means “a gleam” as in a gleam of light in darkness. This is the exact impact his story has had on my own life. It has given me hope in a dark season. The dark season that I’m referring to is certainly not the economy as I don’t view President Obama to be my source. The dark season that I’m alluding to is the many plans and ideas that I’ve been working on for years and I still don’t see them coming to materialization. That would discourage anyone and cause them to give in to the many obstacles that come up against them. I must admit, I’m not a weak person, so I haven’t given up, I however wasn’t pressing on with the necessary clout to bring things to pass. His story was a real boost to me; it jolted me back into position to pursue my goals with the same tenacity that I once had.

My message to you this year is to not give up. Winner’s never quit, quitters never win. Just keep that ambition high amidst the many obstacles, cynics, skeptics and your biggest enemy in a me. Start to relive a purposeful life and revitalize all those dreams and ambitions you once had.


Bryan Morris

Quote Of The Week

Sep 24

Go for it. All the way. Never give up!


Bryan Morris

Quote Of The Week

Jun 25

Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall – Unknown

I know of one fact, don’t fear falling or coming up short. If you have the right attitude, falling will only make you stronger. The attitude one should have about falling is not to stay down but to get up, dust off and continue.

The speaks truth for any struggle you might have in life e.g. An addiction of some sort, anger, compulsive behavior etc……. Or it can also work for a goal that you might have or a project that you’re working on.

Perfect example is Thomas Edison who tested over 3000 filaments before coming up with his practical version of a light bulb. So what this means is that he “fell” over 3000 times before getting it to work the way he wanted.

Whatever plan you may have or hangup you want to kick, are you able to have that amount of tenacity to reach your goal?

It’s time to get up and go for it!


Bryan Morris

Quote Of The Week

Jun 18

The best way out is always through – Robert Frost

Many times we find us in situations that we just cry out within ourselves hoping that we could just be plucked out of it, completely unaware that if we ride out the storm we will come out wiser, stronger and more experienced.


Bryan Morris

Quote of the week

Jun 06

Success comes in cans, failure comes in can’ts. – Unknown

If you put all your energy in knowing that you can achieve your goals/desires, there won’t be anything/anyone to stand before you and say that you can’t.

A great example of this is the new democratic presidential candidate, Sen Barack Obama. Amidst all the hurdles and negative remarks all around him including the voice in his head. He has one goal and he never once allowed anything or anyone to deter him. He got as far as making history and he’s even more determined.

This is the drive we all should have in life. Distractions will always be around (Remember the thought I’ve had in January on Life is not fair). They come in the form of negative people, negative circumstances, negative thoughts forming in your mind but you must just be steadfast, unmovable and have your eyes set on the prize and know that you CAN.

Get up out of the slump and revive that passion that you once had. Own your passion, it’s not by chance that you have it. You were designed to fulfill this, so go for it, because you can do it.


Bryan Morris

Quote Of The Week

May 21

If life was fair, Elvis would be alive and all the impersonators would be dead – Johnny Carson

“………….for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.” Matt 5:45

C’est La Vie!


Bryan Morris

Where are you now?

May 18

Nazareth, launched a song by the name of the title in 1983 but this post has nothing to do with the search of a loved one.

At the beginning of this very year I’ve had a small but potent post questioning the current direction of your life and the resolutions for the new year ahead of us. hence the question………

Where are you now?

Did you make the necessary changes to reposition yourself to success. Whether it’s financially, physically, academically, spiritually, in your relationships or in any other arena.

Did you start out with a resolution to make a change and you’ve still gone back to your comfort zone? therefore you’re back to going around in circles.

The quote I’ve used on January, still stands. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

I’m here to inform you that it’s not all lost “The greatest thing in the world is not so much where we are, but in what direction we are moving.” says Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Sit back, analyze where you want to go, where you are and if you’re on the right track. If you are on track focus on how to get there even faster, if there’s a way. If you’re off course, reposition yourself and move back into the intended direction.

Remember insanity is continuing in the direction you’re heading and still expecting a change.

I have a goal for mid 2009 and I have to start loosing weight, this was one of my resolutions for 2008 so I get up every morning or should I say almost every morning at 4:45 AM and leave home at 5:00 AM and run/speed walk about 8 miles/12+ KM. I’ve changed my eating regimen quite a bit, I’ve since lost 25+ pounds. Good but not the way I want so I’ll tighten up on my eating and add the gym to my walk every day and then get me where I want to get and ready for my goal for 2009.

Another resolution of mine was to post more often on the blog which I’ve got myself caught up these last few weeks and was a very bad blogger, well not really as I’ve been putting stuff aside to blog, so you’ll be flooded with stuff for a bit.

Where are you now? Check yourself!


Bryan Morris

Life Is Not Fair

Jan 08

I want you to repeat after me at the count of three. 1,2,3….. LIFE IS NOT FAIR.

On our short pilgrimage through life it’s one thing I want you to always remember: Life is not fair.

Many times we get this self pity Charlie Brown attitude, ”Why is everybody always picking on me?”
Life is not setup in such a way for you to gracefully waltz through it. It has its mountain tops, it has its valleys and it has its plains. Your mountain top experiences are merely just breaks that you would get from the valleys and the plains.

The next time you find yourself in a tough situation, how would you approach it? Would you stand there and complain? Or would you look at it like it’s an opportunity for growth? I would certainly like to advise you to look at it as an opportunity for growth because, life is not fair.

Take your eyes off of the people around that seem to be moving forward and focus on your own growth.
They’ve not gotten to where they are because they’re exempt from “growing pains” they’ve had their fair share, and believe me they are still dealing with some of it. It would never stop.

Life was not designed to be without turbulence. Every one has it. You might say, If I could only have that million dollars, I’ll be fine. Don’t look too far, just read the tabloids, how many with lots of money is just wasting their lives away. Mainly because they have some underlying problem. (Their own growing pain)

Another might say, if I could only marry that guy I would be fine. You might or might not be happy but the husband that you moved heaven and earth to have is the same person punching the daylights out of you.

And so I can go on and on.

Success is not money or a big house, for it might very well be a big house and not a home. Success is being able to overcome this obstacle course called life. Every challenge you overcome, you mature a little, but don’t celebrate for too long be it known there is another challenge somewhere close up ahead. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge challenge as they come in all sizes but they do come.

Life is not fair……however,

Be Blessed,

Bryan Morris

Happy New Year

Jan 01

My wish for us this year is that we stop the insanity and really realize that for this year to really be our year of progress, we should really stop doing the things we do every year and expect different results to the years gone by. It makes absolutely no sense making new year’s resolutions and approaching them the same way as we did years gone by expecting for us not to have to approach 2009 with the same new year’s resolution. 2008 is a year of new beginnings, so let’s change our outlook on life in general and set out to really dominate this year. May this year be your best year ever.


Bryan Morris

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

Quote Of The Week

Dec 11

Time is our most valuable asset, yet we tend to waste it, kill it, and spend it rather than invest it.

Jim Rohn

I believe that we would all agree on this but for some reason or another from time to time we need to be reminded of this very important fact. As the New year is approaching this is a great time to refocus and continue with your goals.


 Bryan Morris