Jul 05

Mr & Mrs Miller tied the knot 20 years ago and decided to come to Aruba for the first time with their two beautiful daughters Amanda and Alyssa to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. I love meeting people who’s been here for the first time and question them on the island. One of my first questions to them was how they find the island. and the response was, It’s so much better than many of the other island’s they’ve visited. On behalf of the entire island of Aruba and it’s inhabitants I would like to thank you for choosing Aruba as your celebration destination. Many more wedding anniversaries. Know that now you’ve officially found friends on this side of the world.

Of course they wanted to be documented in Paradise so I took them out on the Palm Beach area and partly around the Fisherman’s Huts on Aruba for some family portraits.

The entire Family Miller just casually posing for a portrait on Palm Beach, Aruba.

Alyssa and Amanda showing some sisterly love.

It’s been 20 years but I still love you like it’s day one!

Daddy’s girl, all proud of how you’ve grown.

Mommy’s Baby is always there under her wings.

Amanda’s showing that she has all elements in place to be a model.

Alyssa’s won’t stay behind in the world of fashion either, what a better team than 2 sisters.

This should give Dina, butterflies all over again. Eric is a good thing I don’t follow my clients. You look all studly here.

Here’s to another 20 years! This was a shot specifically requested by the kids.

On to many more 20 years as one happy family.


Bryan Morris

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