I’m finally Back

Jul 04

I will like to start off by apologizing for the utter neglect towards my clients and/or potential clients. The last 2 years had been a very agonizing era in my life. This had been a season I dread and would not aspire repeating ever. This is the very course I urge my brides and grooms to stay away from as my last advice on their wedding night right before I say farewell and wish them success on their new journey as a couple.

Before this hiatus I lived a pretty open life which was displayed right on this medium. Those of you that followed me a little know that I’m all for family and preserving the family nucleus. My family meant the world to me and yes, you’ve guessed it right. I no longer have that family. While all relationships that I hear of grow apart as the years go by, mine was knitting nicely together until one day while I least expected I was informed of the distressing declaration of permanent separation, known to man as “Divorce”. Know this: I was hit by a ton of bricks and survived it. I then rather I had died at that very instant but I guess it was not the creators time for me yet. The experience was inapprehensible. My intention for emphasizing on my survival is not only to demonstrate that I am now a much stronger person but to affirm the hardships that I’ve had to endure. To protect the identity of those involved I will not go into detail of these hardships but note that it was definitely not an easy episode in my life.

Picture, the people you love, live for and would give your life for plotting and scheming against you in all areas. It is mind-boggling. You just feel lost, useless on the brink of suicide. Had it not been for my strong faith, I believe I would have at least lost my mind. Many were the days I’ve had to pray and try to calm myself as I literally felt that I was very close to crossing over to insanity but thanks be to God I got over it. What does not kill you will make you stronger and stronger I am.

I’m back and ready to serve you.


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