Welcome Back!

Mar 26

I have to say “Welcome Back” to myself as I’ve been absent for some time on the blog but I’ve been shooting a little, not with the regular frequency as I’ve trying to decide on some very important crossroads in my personal and business life. I’ve however decided that the show will go on and I will be even more active than before introducing some new services for the island. So stay tuned for all the great things going on. Keep coming back often as I have a great deal of images to display.

If you’re not a fan of my Facebook page, hurry on over and become a fan as you will be informed of great things happening around here. Twitter is also another option to keep in touch with me. Here you will be revealed to spur of the moment thoughts, announcements, quotes and much more. I’ll be found at #hotphotography

I’ve also launched a newsletter, you’ll receive a monthly email from me with great offers but also landscape background of the island of Aruba to be used as a screensaver or background for your computer. So go ahead and sign up for this as well.


Bryan Morris

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